Friday, August 28, 2020

Killer Kung Pao - A Review


 KILLER KUNG PAO by Vivien Chien
The Sixth Noodle Shop Mystery

June Yi and Millie Mao are two of the most unpleasant people to be found in Asia Village. When the duo are involved in a minor fender bender Lana Lee knows it will be the talk of the village, especially after lawsuit happy Millie leaves via an ambulance.When June and Millie both wind up in Asian Accents, Lana's wish for a peaceful relaxing day seems impossible. Before her hair is done, a scream rings through the salon...a woman is dead and Lana is about to be involved in another murder.

How far would you go to help someone you didn't like? June is one of the most disliked people in Asia Village and everyone believes she's guilty. Could it be that obvious? Lana has her doubts. Lana's insatiable curiosity coupled with the heartfelt plea for help from June's sister leads Lana Lee into another murder investigation. 

I've always liked Lana and I like her even more after this sixth Noodle shop mystery. She's willing to take on so much, Asian Village's sidewalk sale, her friends' relationship crisis, her mother's demands for Ho-Lee Noodle House, and another murder. It would be easy to stay out of it and let the police decide the nasty woman everyone disliked is the murderer. But it takes strength of character to look into things and try to find the truth. No matter how much we love and believe in someone niggling doubts will still arise. Many of the characters in KILLER KUNG PAO are faced with this dilemma, including Lana. This doubt and the moral dilemmas faced here increase the anxiety and raise the tension creating a thought provoking and exciting read.

KILLER KUNG PAO has more twists than a mahua and had me gasping in shock at the ending! I absolutely love this character driven series and can't wait for Lana's next adventure.

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