Friday, August 21, 2020

Thread and Dead - A Review


THREAD AND DEAD by Elizabeth Penney
The Second Apron Shop Mystery

As Blueberry Cove, Maine is gearing up for Lobster Fest Iris Buckley is excited to be offered antique linens from one of the elite "summer cottages". In addition to selling some linens, Eleanor is renting rooms in the once glorious mansion to a team of environmentalists, much to the chagrin of her nephew and sole heir who wants her to sell. While rock climbing nearby Iris and her friends discover the body of one of the environmentalists. Does her murder have something to do with the seaweed farming project? Or something closer to home? It couldn't have anything to do with Eleanor's request that Iris help her look into her mother's mysterious past, could it? In addition to running Ruffles & Bows and enjoying the Lobster Fest activities Iris decides to do all she can to help Eleanor as well as find justice for the murdered young matter the cost.

More than one mystery can be found in the pages of the second Apron Shop Mystery and I love how they're intertwined, not only with each other, but with the everyday life of the characters. Things don't come to a halt because of a dead body. While Iris does ask questions and directly agrees to help Eleanor find out more about her mother, she also runs her shop, participates in town events, and hangs out with her friends. 

I really like Iris Buckley and her friends. They are supportive and fiercely loyal. I especially like how Grammie is always included in the girls' nights and is, in general, treated as one of the gang. And a gang it is with several couples in the mix. The couples add an interesting dynamic as there are several romantic relationship quandaries here. And while couples have a major role, the women aren't dependent on the men and can save the day themselves.

There's an interesting juxtaposition of old and new in THREAD AND DEAD. Not only do we have the old in the antique linens and clothes, as well as the mystery of Eleanor's mother, and Shorehaven, but we have the new of seaweed farming and technology to preserve Maine's coast and waters, not to mention cuisine. We also have the combination of old and new in Iris and her habit of wearing vintage fashions as well as solving mysteries old and new alike.

THREAD AND DEAD is a delightful mystery featuring good friends and a wonderful cat. Its blending of vintage and modern make an appealing twist in a charming series.

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