Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Currently Reading...

I just started reading Open for Murder by Mary Angela. This book is the first in the Happy Camper Mystery series and was released yesterday!

Zo Jones, owner of The Happy Camper, is happy. She has a wonderful store, she takes time to be thankful, and her childhood friend is moving back to Spirit Canyon. Beth has inherited Spirit Canyon Lodge and is having a grand reopening of the rustic, yet chic accommodation. Zo is impressed with her friend's new venture and with press on scene the opening looks to be a great success, until Enid Barrett comes on scene. Owner of a nearby resort, Enid spoils the mood by picking a fight with just about everyone. Why would a wealthy woman with her own resort and mansion be staying at the lodge? As reasons for this unpleasant woman's presence become known, more than one person has good reason to be upset. It's bound to be a long night when a major thunderstorm knocks the power out and traps everyone inside.

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