Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Malt in Our Stars - A Review


The Third Literary Pub Mystery

The Inkwell is about to host its first author appearance and owner Sadie Coleman is thrilled and anxious. Fortunately, romantic suspense author Linnea Bliss and her assistant, Marcie, provide an entertaining event that is hugely successful. Sadie takes up Linnea's offer for lunch at the historic Shady Creek Manor and has a delightful time, despite an intrusion by the town's curmudgeon. A woman's scream stops Sadie's departure and she discovers Marcie's body which apparently has fallen out of a third story window. What was Marcie doing in an unoccupied room? Does it have anything to do with the rumor of the manor's hidden treasure? Or Eleanor's insinuation about the young woman? And what about the problems plaguing the film crew trying to film an episode for their craft beer show? Sadie is unable to contain her curiosity and delves into the investigation herself. But will her curiosity kill her?

Between the vandalism of the film crew, and the murder of the author's assistant, as well as the upcoming Masquerade Ball and her growing relationship with Grayson, Sadie has a lot to deal with in this third Literary Pub Mystery. But she does it all with grace and pluck. Well, she's not always graceful around Grayson, but that's fun for readers, if not for Sadie.

I love the Inkwell and delight in the descriptions of the literary themed food and beverages served there. I'd be enjoying a Yellow Brick Road...or two. Sarah Fox is able to capture the coziness of this Vermont town with it's historic buildings and multifaceted characters while providing an intriguing puzzle. 

THE MALT IN OUR STARS is a captivating mystery bringing the past and present together amid the literary cocktails and craft brews of a charming Vermont village.

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