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Fishing for Trouble - A Guest Post, Review, & Giveaway

I'm pleased to welcome Charlie Cooke to Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Charlie on the pages of the Alaskan Diner Mystery series by Elizabeth Logan. FISHING FOR TROUBLE is the second book in the series and was released last week.

I’m Charlotte “Charlie” Cooke stopping to visit from my hometown of Elkview, Alaska, where I own the Bear Claw Diner. Stop in on your way to Denali, whether to climb this highest peak in North America, or to take photos as you drive by on a tour bus.

I’m here to tell you, you can go home again.

That’s what I’ve done.

I grew up doing my homework on a red-vinyl-and-chrome stool at the diner, owned at the time by my mom. I left the small town of Elkview for college and after floating around a bit, including even law school, ended up at a culinary school in San Francisco. Some of us take the long way around, I guess, but eventually the timing worked out perfectly and I came home to take over the Bear Claw when my mom was ready to retire.

Along with the industrial size fridge and ovens, I inherited a wonderful staff in the kitchen, and an amazing companion at home, Eggs Benedict, aka Benny, a beautiful orange tabby. It’s Benny who listens nonjudgmentally when I find myself in a pickle that’s not from the large jar of them in the diner pantry.

Usually the pickle is generated by my unofficial status as deputy to Alaska State Trooper, Cody Graham. I’m lucky to have a cadre of friends who come to my assistance when I’m called on to help Trooper with an investigation. The most recent case involves a group of summer employees who come north to work in the fishing industry. Who knew there were so many secrets under water?

Not to brag, but I live in the most beautiful state in the country—“North to the Future” as our motto states, or “The Frontier State” if you prefer its nickname. Everywhere I look there are beautiful mountains and lakes. And when I’m not helping solve a murder, I can choose among a host of activities—hiking, kayaking, skiing, camping, fishing, rafting, boating, ice climbing. Or I can just gaze upon a giant glacier. Then there’s the aurora borealis. What a sight that is.

I should mention my BFF from first grade is also on the team, plus—ahem—a very cute former army man, Chris, who’s the local newspaperman, and one of the sleuths. Sometimes it’s not clear whether we’re working or on a date. Am I just a pretty new SUV with a heated steering wheel that he likes to drive instead of his beat-up truck, or is a romance budding?

Maybe I’ll have a better idea in the next book!



FISHING FOR TROUBLE by Elizabeth Logan
The Second Alaskan Diner Mystery 

When a young diner collapses at the Bear Claw Diner, owner Charlotte “Charlie” Cooke is concerned. Part of a group of summer workers at the J and M Fish Processing Plant enjoying a break at the diner, Ethan's order hadn't even arrived before his collapse, so Bear Claw food wasn't to blame for his death. Still feeling partially to blame, Charlie takes his distraught female friend under her wing, but once Ethan's death is declared murder the young woman takes off. With her lawyer ex in town, her parents on vacation, and her relationship with a journalist in flux, Charlie is unsettled. Something fishy is going on and Charlie's going to get to the bottom of it.

Friendships, romantic entanglements, and the ramifications of love highlight the second Alaskan Diner Mystery. I appreciate how Charlie and her crew of employees and friends gather together to solve a complex puzzle. Charlie's ex is a great new character to hate. His behavior is so scuzzy I wanted to take a shower after each of his appearances! I adore Benny, but am not a fan Charlie's high tech relationship with him, although as Miko (one of my cats) is so engaged with my keyboard as I try to type, perhaps I should be more open minded.

FISHING FOR TROUBLE had me scratching my head wondering just what was going on and who was to blame. Interesting characters and the Alaskan setting kept me engaged, hungry, and glad I don't work at a fish processing facility.


Fishing for Trouble (An Alaskan Diner Mystery) by Elizabeth Logan

About Fishing For Trouble

Fishing for Trouble (An Alaskan Diner Mystery)
Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series
Publisher: Berkley (November 24, 2020)
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Something fishy is going on at a local seafood processing plant, and Charlie Cooke is on the hook to solve the case in this new Alaskan Diner Mystery.

Summer has come to Elkview, Alaska, bringing twenty hours of sunlight every day, not to mention a surge of tourists and seasonal workers. Chef Charlie Cooke is eager for a busy yet relaxing season, but when a young man working a summer job at the local fish processing plant dies moments after walking into the Bear Claw Diner, she’s quickly swept into the investigation.

Soon, through her best friend Annie Jensen, Charlie learns that another student worker at J and M Processing has disappeared, leaving more questions and fewer answers. The near-endless sunlight gives plenty of time to search for clues, but Charlie will have to work with Annie and local reporter Chris Doucette to net the killer before anyone else gets hurt.


About Elizabeth Logan

Camille Minichino is turning every aspect of her life into a mystery series. A retired physicist, she’s the author of 28 mystery novels in 5 series, with different pen names. Her next book is “Mousse and Murder,” May 2020, by Elizabeth Logan. She's also written many short stories and articles. She teaches science at Golden Gate U. in San Francisco and writing workshops around the SF Bay Area. Details are at

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Kathy! It's a nice way to wrap up this unusual Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you and all your readers stay safe and well. Camille/Elizabeth Logan

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. It's always a pleasure to have you here.

  2. I own and have read the first two book in the series and I'd be thrilled if I ended up the lucky winner. Either way I'll find a copy of this one to read.

  3. Wow this sounds so good and I love to fish. I also love to read print cozy mysteries and review on a few sites. I am battling a disease RSD and that is why I say print can't do ebook. peggy clayton

  4. I have been reading the Sophie Knowles series and look forward to this one.
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  5. I'm busy putting together a "diner package" for the 'copter winner! Thanks for your nice comments here.