Friday, June 18, 2021

Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Hellenic Abduction - A Review


By Columbkill Noonan
The Fifth Barnabas Tew Mystery 

While practicing their yoga on the banks on the Ganges, Victorian private investigator Barnabas Tew and his assistant, Wilfred, are unceremoniously whisked away and deposited in Ancient Greece. Upon Odin's recommendation Zeus has summoned the duo to help him rescue a princess. Barnabas and Wilfred undertake the mission, but find Zeus's intentions not entirely honorable and are unsure if they should indeed find the woman for him. Running into various deities and other mythological beings from Ancient Greece Barnabas and Wilfred will have to keep on their toes or risk death...again! 

I absolutely love Barnabas Tew and was happy to have him and Wilfred enter another realm with which I am quite familiar, that of Greek Mythology. I couldn't help but smile as Barnabas compared the Greek and Roman pantheon. I also love how he incorporates the meditation and yoga he learned from the Hindu pantheon.

In fact, so many things made me smile in this, the fifth Barnabas Tew adventure. The rapport between Barnabas and Wilfred, the bemusement of the various gods and other mythological characters by their antics, and the fact that the bumbling duo do always, somehow, manage to solve the case...even if they die in the process. Perhaps my favorite joy comes from seeing mythological characters in a new light. My favorite aspect of that here was with Minnie the minotaur.

Throughout the series, there have been serious moments and introspective moments as well as adventure and laughs, most notably concerning the lost loves of each of the heroes. Therefore, I was much pleased with the chain of events leading up to the mystery's conclusion. I am, however, greatly concerned that the fifth Barnabas Tew Mystery may be the last book in this delightfully unique series.

BARNABAS TEW AND THE CASE OF THE HELLENIC ABDUCTION is a rip-roaring good time twining Greek mythology and Victorian sensibilities in a laugh out loud story.

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