Sunday, June 6, 2021

Dial "M" for Maine Coon - A Spotlight

I'd like to shine a spotlight on Dial "M" for Maine Coon by Alex Erickson. This is the second book in the Furever Pets Mystery series. It was released as a B&N exclusive last year and will be released to other sellers later this summer.


Animal rescue is always risky business, but Liz Denton, owner of the Furever Pets, finds out it's also dangerous when someone puts down one of her prospective pet adopters...

Liz is thrilled to find a forever home for her latest rescue, Sheamus, a Maine Coon cat. But on adoption day, she discovers Sheamus's would-be owner, Joe Hitchcock, murdered in his study. Joe's shocking death reveals an even more startling secret: his real name was Joe Danvers...a man accused of killing his wife thirty years ago.

Liz knows she should focus on finding Sheamus a new home, but this mystery already has its claws in her. So Liz begins vetting the clues from both investigations. But with a stalker sniffing at her heels and a rival swatting at her business, Liz's curiosity may come at a hefty price...especially since Joe's case has more lives than a cat.

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