Friday, September 3, 2021

A Hex for Danger - A Review


A HEX FOR DANGER by Esme Addison
The Second Enchanted Bay Mystery

It's summer in North Carolina and that means it's time for Bellamy Bay's annual Mermaid Festival. This year will be the first for Aleksandra Daniels and she's diving right into the festivities. This year the town has commissioned the painting of a mermaid mural and the beautiful artist has heads turning. The vivacious woman has Alex's friend Celeste seeing red, believing the woman has more than a professional relationship with her new boyfriend. Alex has never seen Celeste being so clingy and is concerned about her friend's behavior. When the artist winds up dead, all signs point to Celeste as the murderer and Celeste's certainly not helping her case. Determined to help her friend, Alex is looking for other suspects. Neve was more than just an artist. Was it her knowledge of Magicals that got her killed? Could that knowledge put Alex and her family at risk?   

Mermaids, dragons, and murder, oh my! The second Enchanted Bay mystery has less Polish tidbits, but more otherworldly information, including dragons. Like Alex and her family are descended from mermaids, some characters are descended from dragons. In this series dragons are the bad guys. Personally, I'm not too happy about that, perhaps because more of my family is closer to Krakow than Warsaw, but that's just me. The good news is that the dragons are fully developed characters, not just evil bad guys. There is also lots of information hinting at numerous exciting and dangerous things to come.

I like how not everything is black and white. Even in the best of people, there may be a hint of darkness, and, given the right circumstances, they may unleash it. I also like how Alex is able to take care of herself, and not wait for a man to rescue her. Indeed A HEX FOR DANGER is about choices, to do the right thing, or the wrong, as well as picking the right people as your associates, or your boyfriend. Not everything good is right, and not everything bad is wrong.

A HEX FOR DANGER is an enchanting mystery where paranormal meets normal and technology meets art with murderous results. Grab a kołaczki and perhaps some vodka and settle in for a magical time in Bellamy Bay.

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