Wednesday, September 8, 2021

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I just finished reading The Murderess Must Die by Marlie Parker Wasserman. 

Born in 1849 Martha Garretson Savacool Place knew loss and hardship and was no stranger to meanness. Told from her point of view, as well as those of others who played a part in her life, we bear witness to her abusive childhood, her first marriage, including the joyous birth of her son, and her disastrous second marriage which led to her being charged with the murder of her teenaged step-daughter. We learn details about the trial and its aftermath and ponder questions never raised. We also witness her end. In 1899 Martha Garretson Savacool Place became the first woman to be put to death in the electric chair. This is her story.

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  1. This book that you just finished sounds and looks like a great book. Would love to read & review this book in print format. I'm currently reading Winter's Maiden 1 by L. Starla.