Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Currently Reading...

I just started reading Death Rang the Bell by Carol Pouliot. This book is the third in the Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mystery series and was released yesterday. 

Olivia Watson is excited to spend her first Halloween in 1934. It's fun for the 21st century woman to see the differences as well as the similarities in the way people celebrate the holiday. Her friend, 20th century Detective Steven Blackwell, though happy to attend a Halloween party with her in his time, is waiting for the other shoe to drop. For him, something bad always happens on Halloween. Sure enough, while they are in his house, the duo hear a gunshot. The man across the street has been shot dead in his doorway and Olivia saw the whole thing from the upstairs window. The hunt is now on for the slender man Olivia saw. The question is, did he see her? The biggest fear for both Steven and Olivia, however, is that with Olivia as a material witness, will their time traveling secret be exposed?

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