Friday, January 14, 2022

A Cream of Passion - A Review


A CREAM OF PASSION by Nancy Warren
The Seventh Great Witches Baking Show Mystery 

The bakers are back, but things are different this week. Poppy Wilkinson and Florence are excited to have dinner with the town's Italian grocer. But excitement turns to horror as the pair find the man dead in his apartment. Could this expert forager really have mistaken death caps for chanterelles? Poppy certainly doesn't think so, and neither do the police. In addition to searching for the truth about her birth parents, she'll try to sniff out the truth about Luca's murder while perfecting her bakes.  

While the seventh Great Witches Baking Show Mystery spends more time outside the tent at Broomewode Hall, there's still plenty of nerve-racking action and baking. Poppy continues researching her birth family and she does make some progress, although she is unexpectedly thwarted. Poppy and I are both doubly curious as to why a particular person is deliberately working against her. The primary focus in A CREAM OF PASSION, however, is the murder.

While looking into Luca's death, Poppy also learns about his life-a life that not many people knew details about. She also learns more about the village and its inhabitants, from her gruff new boss to people in the choir, giving readers lots of red herrings. I also gleaned more information about Florence that wasn't surprising, but disappointing. I'm not a Florence fan. The mystery was thought provoking with great suspects and several surprises.

A CREAM OF PASSION is a delectable mystery combining witchcraft, baking, and a good old fashioned poisoning.

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