Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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I just finished reading The Parting Glass by Lissa Marie Redmond. This book is the fifth in the Cold Case Investigation Mystery series.

Lauren Riley is not one to sit still and relax, so when the cold case homicide detective is placed on medical leave she quickly renews her private investigator’s license. Lauren’s interest is eventually piqued when a wealthy woman asks her to go to Ireland to find a painting. Remembering the headlines when the Picasso was originally stolen Lauren accepts the case, figuring it for an easy job. After all, it’s practically a vacation with her partner, Shane, along to assist. However, nothing is ever easy for Lauren. Soon the search for a missing painting turns into a murder investigation. Off duty, with no authority, and way out of their jurisdiction, Lauren and Shane leave the murder to the locals, however, the Buffalo pair find themselves embroiled in the case. Will they find the painting or a killer?

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