Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Chapter and Curse - A Review


CHAPTER AND CURSE by Elizabeth Penney
The First Cambridge Bookshop Mystery

With nothing holding them in Vermont Molly Kimball and her mum, Nina, move to England to help run the family bookshop. Thrilled to be working at one of the oldest bookstores in Cambridge, Molly has lots of ideas to get the struggling store into the black. Their first major event, a poetry reading with Persephone Brightwell, Aunt Violet's old college classmate, is a huge success; that is until Molly stumbles upon the dead body of one of their guests in the back garden. It seems the victim wasn't exactly a nice old pensioner and when Aunt Violet becomes a prime suspect, Molly knows she can't just sit idly by. Along with her mum and newfound friends, Molly starts quietly looking into things. It turns out plenty of people had reason to want the victim dead, but who would also want Aunt Violet found guilty? 

Starting over and new beginnings mark the first Cambridge Mystery. Who wouldn't love to move to a quaint English town famed for knowledge and learning to help run Cambridge's oldest bookshop?! I love that Molly goes with her mom and that running the bookstore is a true family endeavor. Molly makes a delightful protagonist and the friendships she develops are truly special. I enjoyed the mystery and look forward to reading more.

With appealing characters, a delightful setting, and an intriguing mystery CHAPTER AND CURSE is an enchanting start to a new series.

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