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Murder, She Wrote: Fit for Murder - A Review & Giveaway


By Jessica Fletcher & Terrie Farley Moran
The Fifty-Seventh Murder, She Wrote Mystery
Former newspaper editor, Evelyn Phillips, is back in Cabot Cove for a visit, but instead of relaxing she's causing a ruckus. She's concerned her friend Berthe Mae is losing her marbles, so smitten is she with the new yoga instructor. Convinced the man is up to no good Evelyn convinces Jessica to help her check into things. After taking a class with the man Jessica does notice his familiarity with the much older women in the group. Before they can determine if he truly does have bad intentions, he's found dead in his gym...and it's no accident. With Berthe Mae inconsolable and Evelyn a suspect, Jessica will have to look into the fitness guru's past to determine just who killed him.
Cabot Cove is such a charming town with its friendly citizens and lovely scenery. I can picture Jessica cycling through town, waving at her neighbors, and enjoying good food and company, even if at times she'd rather be alone. Just being in Cabot Cove is relaxing and enjoyable...even with all the murders! And in FIT FOR MURDER we have more than one crime to attend to.
I really enjoyed the mystery here. A variety of events clouded the picture, making me wonder what was relevant. In fact, when a second crime was committed, I wondered if it was related to the murder. For a little town, there sure is a lot of crime and drama!
While light-hearted, the fifty-seventh Murder, She Wrote Mystery tackles a serious subject, the exploitation of the elderly. The authors tackle the subject with grace, but I'm glad awareness is brought to a subject often hidden; young, fit lotharios ingratiating themselves with elderly women just to get their money.

MURDER, SHE WROTE: FIT FOR MURDER is a classic mystery that leaves you with a feeling that, despite some problems, all's right with the world. 


 Murder, She Wrote: Fit for Murder by Jessica Fletcher & Terrie Farley Moran

About Murder, She Wrote: Fit for Murder

Murder, She Wrote: Fit for Murder
Cozy Mystery 57th in Series
Setting - Maine
Berkley (January 23, 2024)
Hardcover: ‎ 288 pages

Jessica Fletcher learns that exercise can be murder in this new entry in the USA Today bestselling Murder, She Wrote series.

Former editor of the Cabot Cove Gazette, Evelyn Phillips is back in Cabot Cove. Evelyn tells Jessica and Seth that she got a couple of really weird notes from Bertha Mae Cormier so she’s come back to town to check on her old friend. She demands that Jessica come with her to see Bertha Mae, who is a bit dithery but no more so than Jessica remembers her being in recent years.

Jessica does become somewhat concerned when Bertha Mae starts to talk about her new neighbor, Martin Terranova. He is quite charming and very health conscious and he teaches yoga and meditation in his pool house. Maureen Metzger says that she and Bertha Mae became friends in Terranova’s class and mentions how solicitous he is to his older clients.

Jessica attends one of his classes and does notice that Terranova is flirtatious with several elderly clients, especially Bertha Mae. Evelyn is becoming convinced that Bertha Mae is being mesmerized by Terranova and that he is after Bertha Mae’s money. A short while late, Martin turns up dead in his weight room. What at first blush seems to be an accident, soon proves to be murder and Jessica must put her investigative skills to the test when Evelyn becomes the prime suspect.

About the Authors


Along with Jessica Fletcher, Terrie Farley Moran co-writes the Murder She Wrote mystery series including Murder, She Wrote: Killer on the Court. She is the author of the Read ‘Em and Eat cozy mystery series and also co-writes the Scrapbooking Mysteries with Laura Childs. Recipient of both the Agatha and the Derringer Awards, Moran has published numerous mystery short stories. The only thing Terrie enjoys more than wrangling mystery plots into submission is hanging out with any or all of her seven grandchildren.  

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  1. Thank you for a stellar review of Murder She Wrote, Fit for Murder. I especially appreciate your recognition of exploitation of the elderly as a theme.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. As I'm getting older myself I've become more aware and angry at this type of exploitation.