Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Hammers and Homicide by Paula Charles. This book is the first in the Hometown Hardware Mystery series and was released last month.

It's another beautiful summer's day in Pine Bluff, Oregon. Dawna Carpenter is preparing to open her hardware store for the day and not even her annoying tenant who owns the shop next door can get her down. Her youngest daughter, April, has moved back into town, ostensibly to help with design aspect of the store, but Dawna thinks she's there to make sure she hasn't lost whatever marbles she had left after becoming a widow. The day soon gets a lot darker, not because of an impending mountain storm, but because Dawna finds a dead body in the bathroom. Dawna soon discovers that a lot of people had issues with the dead developer. When her good friend is arrested and she thinks the police have stopped investigating, having found their man, she and April step in. Will the mother and daughter duo be able to find the real killer? 

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