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Are You Superstitious? Guest Post, Giveaway, & Review

Are You Superstitious?
by Linda O. Johnston

I'm asking since I'm the author of the Superstition Mysteries, and the second, KNOCK ON WOOD, has just been published.

Writing that series makes me very conscious of my own superstitions, and of other people's.  For example, in many conversations people will express something they're hopeful about, and then--you guessed it!--knock on wood that it will come true.  Or even add to what they're saying, "knock on wood."  Same goes for "fingers crossed," and/or crossing their fingers.

Do you say or do either?

Or how about finding a penny on a floor or sidewalk somewhere.  I used to hear the saying, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck."  As a result, I picked up all pennies I found and hoped for that good luck.  I'm not sure whether that superstition evolved or my understanding of it did, but now I understand that only heads-up pennies are good luck.  As a result, I only pick them up for myself now, but I'll turn tails-up ones over so someone else can then achieve good luck from them.  And if you happen to come to a place where I'm talking about my Superstition Mysteries, don't be surprised if you notice that heads-up pennies have mysteriously appeared on the floor!

And black cats?  There are actually many superstitions about them, including, of course, that if one crosses your path you'll have bad luck.  But lots of people own and love black cats and are not always subject to bad luck.  In fact, I've researched and written other articles and blog posts that indicate the conflicting nature of black cat superstitions.

Dogs?  As far as I'm concerned, all dogs are good luck.  According to lore, black dogs are especially lucky, and it's particularly good luck to see a black and white one, like a Dalmation or Pluckie, the star of my Superstition Mysteries, if you happen to be going to a business meeting.

So am I superstitious?  In a way, although I've thought at times that superstitions are opposite for me.  For example, the number 13 has always been lucky for me, even Friday the 13th, but not so in common superstition lore.  One of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Lexie, is a tricolor, which means she's mostly black and white--but I consider all Cavaliers lucky including Mystie, who's a Blenheim (red and white).

So what about you?  Have I triggered any thoughts about superstitions for you here?

Well, you can be sure that my fingers are crossed that you always have good luck.  In fact, I'm now knocking on wood about it!



Knock on Wood by Linda O. Johnston
The Second Superstition Mystery

In Knock on Wood we find Rory settling in to the town of Destiny, managing the Lucky Dog Boutique and becoming part of the Destiny community. Not only is she giving talks for the town's Welcome Programs, Rory's even contemplating moving out of the Rainbow B&B to rent an apartment, or even buy a house. Rory's also learning to let go of her dead fiance and open her heart to a relationship with Destiny's Chief of Police, Justin Halbertson. She's also excited that her best friend Gemma is coming down for a visit. However, a troubled Gemma arrives a day early. Something is wrong...and while Rory will give her space for a moment, she'll soon find out the problem and look for a solution.  

Knock on Wood deals with changing relationships. Rory's relationship with Justin, Rory's old friendship with Gemma and her new friendships with Carolyn and other Destiny residents. Gemma's relationship with Frank, her ex-boyfriend, and her two new suitors, Stuart and Lou. How Frank's feelings for Gemma changed and morphed into something else. Something dangerous?
While I truly enjoy reading about superstitions, especially learning about ones with which I was unfamiliar ("A pigeon flying inside foreshadows doom." Who knew?) there is a lot of repetitive information. It's good to share how Destiny reminds reminds its visitors of superstitions (seeding the sidewalks with heads up pennies and buttons) and fine to remind readers how Rory came to Destiny (to research the veracity of superstitions after her fiance died after walking under a ladder). Yet Rory continually reiterates the same question-are superstitions real? As Rory moves on from her relationship with Walter so must Johnston leave some of this rumination behind and focus more on the murder and character relationships.

As for the mystery-it's a good one! Public Affairs Director Lou Landorf, one of Gemma's new suitors, publicly criticizes several people then gets into an argument with Gemma. Gemma becomes suspect number one when his murdered body is found. Rory soon discovers Lou made plenty of other people angry, but who was angry enough to kill?

Destiny, California is a town based on and fed by superstition. Johnston combines her love of animals with an exploration of interesting superstitions in this enjoyable series. If you love dogs, are interested in superstitions, and enjoy a bit of romance in your mystery be sure to check out the Superstition Mystery series by Linda O. Johnston.

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  1. Knock On Wood sounds like a fun book. I have "knocked on wood," crossed my fingers, picked up coins, and I don't walk under ladders for safety reasons.
    Thank you for the review and giveaway.

  2. Great author post and review. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Knock On Wood sounds like a fun read. I've crossed my fingers, picked up coins, avoided walking under ladders, and "knocked on wood" many, many times. :)

  4. I am a bit superstitious... For luck I wear certain clothes, carry my dad's referee whistle, kiss my husband three times before he leaves the house. Knock on Wood sounds like a great way to feed my superstitious beliefs, I'm in!

  5. Looking forward to reading Knock On Wood. I have to say yes. I knock on wood, pick up pennies, throw spilled salt over my shoulder, crossed my fingers. Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me though (Hubby was born on Fri. the 13th). The one time I walked under a ladder the same day I went into my uncles bathroom and the door lock broke and I was stuck inside until they came home and got me out. Haven't walked under a ladder since then. LOL

  6. A little superstitious but not much!!

  7. If I saw something about something good that's going to happen - I'll say Knock on wood and tap my head (supposed to be wood - joke)
    I am superstitious about lots of things.

  8. I've never considered myself superstitious but my husband will never go out of a door that he didn't come in. I find myself copying him on that matter!
    This sounds like a fun read!
    cps1950 (at)gmail (dot)com

  9. I guess to an extent I am superstitious. My mother always believed death came in threes, and I've seen proof of this when I worked in a church and nursing home. I knock on wood, but not sure what happens if you don't and throwing salt over your shoulder if you drop the salt shaker is another one. It is funny some of the stories you hear with reference to superstitions. Thanks for sharing Linda's book.

  10. Liked & Shared, would love to win a copy Knock on Wood, I can't even count the times I have said that ion my life. Thanks for this awesome Linda May

  11. Della at When in high school for our social studies class we were to pick one of four subjects to write a thesis on, with references and footnotes. I picked superstition as it was a new concept for me. I must admit I was more than a little bit amazed with the stuff people come up with to explain away things. Or to 'buy some luck'. I developed two themes "Does Fate Control our Lives?" And "The Dangers of Superstition". It was a fascinating subject, I learned a lot. thanks for this chance at what looks like a great read

  12. I'm not really superstitious. I still pick up all pennies and I have a black cat. But I like reading about superstitions. Your book sounds like one I would really enjoy. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  13. I don't know if I really have any or few superstitions. There are some that pop into my mind at strange times, but I often go out of my way (such as walking under a ladder) to disprove a superstition. Your book does, however, sound interesting - how did you come to write and enjoy this series? Thanks for a chance to win; I haven't yet read any of the series. jeaniedannheim *at* ymail *dot* com

  14. LOVED the first one! can't wait to read this one!

  15. Actually I do knock on wood and throw salt over my shoulder I figure it can't hurt to do it. I love the Title and I want to read this Book. Thank you for the chance.

  16. I won't wash a golf ball just before a water hazard because I'm afraid it will like the water and want to go in. So i guess I'm superstitious.

  17. Ha! Whenever I say "knock on wood" I tap my head!! Sounds like an interesting read!

  18. I haven't started this series yet. But I love books by her