Sunday, October 4, 2015

Profile on Amy Spannagel - Guest Post and Giveaway

Profile on Amy Spannagel

Thanks for stopping by the DEADLY DYE AND A SOY CHAI blog tour! I’ve been profiling each of the five main characters in the Danger Cove Hair Salon series, and next up is the extremely practical but hopelessly romantic Amy Spannagal. Twenty-seven-year-old Amy moved to Danger Cove from Seattle two years ago following a job offer and the promise of meeting seamen.

Amy is the Assistant Librarian at Danger Cove Library, where she works tirelessly under Head Librarian Benjamin “Ben” Bardsley. When she was growing up, she really liked singing and dancing, but her mother wouldn’t let her pursue those talents because she said that they could lead to teen pregnancy or a job in theater.

She has a bachelor’s in Germanics with a minor in French from the University of Washington. She also has her master’s degree in library and information science and has finished the coursework toward her PhD. Amy originally wanted a PhD in mathematics, but her mother told her that those girls don’t find husbands.

Dissertation Title: You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Methods of Bookbinding

Amy is something of a Renaissance woman. She crafts, makes her own clothes, and grows her own vegetables. She’s also a daydreamer and a hopeless romantic despite the fact that she wasn’t allowed to read books like Cinderella and other princess stories as a child because they have magic in them.

Bad Habits:
Amy loves to gossip, mainly because it makes her feel like she’s a part of things. Unfortunately, she also points out other people’s faults and poor choices but only because she wants to help.

Favorite Foods:
Thanks in part to her heritage, she’s passionate about German meat dishes. As Amy is quick to tell you, she makes a mean schweinebraten.

Main Challenges Amy Is Facing Now (in no particular order):
1. Finding a man.
2. Convincing Ben that she’s a hard worker and a devotee of the Dewey Decimal System.
3. Finding a man.
4. Helping Cassidi figure out what turned poor old Margaret Appleby so blue.
5. Finding a man.

Defense Mechanism:
As an academic, Amy tends to over rationalize and over intellectualize to the dismay of Gia, in particular. According to Cassidi, Amy and Gia are like beer and Chianti—they just don’t mix…


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  1. It's great to be back on your blog, Kathy! I hope you like Amy. ;)

  2. Looking forward to reading Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai. I enjoyed reading the "profile" of the five main characters.

  3. this would be a new series for me. Would love to try it.

    1. There are already six books by six different authors, and more are coming!

  4. Would love to read this one! Thanks for the chance. And I like drinking a nice cup of tea at the salon.

    1. Cassidi has more than just tea! Click the menu on the Danger Cove website:

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  6. Thank you for providing an insight to the character in Traci Andighetti's book. I am sure it will be a great read.

  7. Love the profiles, what a great idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Hey Grandma Cootie, I have a confession to make: the profiles were the only thing I could think of two write!

  8. New author to me!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. Definitely a soy Chai Tea Latte at the hair salon (or a pumpkin chai tea latte now that it's fall)! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Pumpkin is a great idea! I'll let Cassidi know that she should offer seasonal drinks on the menu! ;)

  10. Anew series. New authors. Looks interesting. Hope to get to know both. While at the salon. Iced water.. Della at

  11. Sorry for my tardiness, but Rita, you are the winner! Congratulations.