Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Currently Moderating...

I'm sorry I'm tardy with today's feature, but I was out late last night moderating an author panel. Instead of sharing what I'm currently reading, I thought I'd share a little about the authors and books in the panel I was moderating.

Yesterday was the book birthday of one of the books-Floral Depravity by Beverly Allen. This book is the third in the Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery series and deals with a medieval handfasting ceremony. Well, a modern day version of one. Be sure to stop by the blog this Friday as Beverly is stopping by for an interview.

Alice Loweecey was another author on the panel. Second to Nun is the kind of second book in her Giulia Driscoll Mystery series (really first book had a different publisher, so the series was kind of restarted). In this installment, released September 22, we get haunted lighthouses and seances and such. Alice also writes horror stories under the name Kate Morgan. Did you visit the blog two Sundays ago? If you didn't you missed Alice's guest post. You can check it out by clicking here.

Sandra Block was the final author of the group. Sandra writes psychological suspense. Her series deals with a psychiatry resident who has some issues of her own. The second book in her series, The Girl Without a Name, was released September 8th.

I hope you check out these books and perhaps you'll be currently reading them soon.

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