Monday, October 12, 2015

Review - Ghost of a Potion


Ghost of a Potion by Heather Blake
The Third Magic Potion Mystery

It's Halloween in Hitching Post, Alabama and Carly Bell Hartwell is getting ready to batten down the hatches. However, her plans of hibernating during the ghostpocalypse collapse when she makes eye contact with a newly departed murder victim. Carly knew things could go bad at the masquerade ball to celebrate the restoration of the Ezekiel Mansion, after all Dylan's mother, Patricia, AKA The Face of Evil, was one of the hostesses. What was unexpected was the murder of Haywood Dodd during the festivities. When Carly unwittingly made eye contact with his ghost she knew she had no choice but to solve his murder to help him cross over. What she didn't expect were the other ghosts she would meet along the way and the many secrets she'd uncover.

Ghost of a Potion is a book you don't want to put down. Fast paced fun with eccentric characters who manage to remain completely believable and a well plotted mystery make for a fantastic read. Blake cleverly uses a countdown to fuel our adrenaline and rush to solve the murder- and finish the book. We only have three days to help the ghosts before they're trapped for another year. This pressure induced time frame adds drama and a sense of urgency to the finely crafted mysteries. Yes, mysteries. We get multiple mysteries which evolve with several viable suspects and enough red herrings to keep us jumping.

As with the other books in the Magical Potions Mystery series, Ghost of a Potion is also flat our fun to read! Funny characters, witty dialogue, and amusing situations abound. Southern charm and eccentricities are on full display. Yet an honesty and deep seated love is also present. As wild and wacky as things get Blake manages to make it real and make us care.

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