Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Dream a Little Death by Susan Kandel. This book is the first in the Dreama Black Mystery series and was released just last week.

Dreama Black is a third generation groupie and is known as the inspiration behind the hit song Dreama, Little Dreama as well as being the girl on the cover of the band's debut CD. Now, at age 28 Dreama is trying to make ends meet by giving specialized tours of Los Angeles when she gets a chance to make big money and pay down big bills by organizing a special tour for a famous record producer. But things get complicated quickly when one of her "uncles", a top ranking member of LAPD, tells her someone is framing him for laundering the exact same amount she's being paid for her new job. Add a burlesque dancer fiancee with an unexpected ending to her act and this film noir buff has more questions, and possibly more problems than she ever thought possible.


  1. Just found your blog listed on a blog tour of one of Ann Myers' books. I just got finished reading her series and had gone to look to see if any news was there about upcoming books. No luck, but I did find your blog and coming by here helped me find my next read. Thanks! (Downloading this one now from Amazon). Happy reading to you.

    1. I'm so glad you found me! Have fun looking around and be sure to return-there are lots of great reads coming up.