Friday, August 2, 2019

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost - A Review


The First Salem B & B Mystery

After the sudden death of her husband Charlene Morris finds remaining in Chicago to be too difficult. Ready to start a new life she buys a gorgeous old home, sight unseen, in Salem, Massachusetts. With a plan to turn the place into a classy Bed and Breakfast in time for Halloween Charlene knows she has her work cut out for her. What she doesn't count on is the handsome man in her house, a man who says it's his house, a man who's actually dead. Jack Strathmore, the previous owner, happens to be a ghost and is thrilled that Charlene can actually see him for he needs her help to find his murderer. As Charlene finds herself more and more attached to her handsome ghost she grows more and more determined to discover what happened to him. Will Charlene be able to open her B & B or will she alienate everyone with her probing questions about Jack, a man who supposedly died of natural causes? 

MRS. MORRIS AND THE GHOST is a delightful first entry to a mystery series. We start with a likeable protagonist. Charlene Morris is a mature, capable woman recovering from a devastating loss, but looking to start fresh. We then discover a charming and very attractive ghost, although prone to bouts of jealousy and temper. Then there's a good looking detective who is keen to help our widow. And we can't forget the entitled cat who is also able to see the ghost. Add in a variety of interesting characters from the winery owner who may be a witch to the ghost's wife who certainly is a b.... well, you can finish the rhyme.

A gorgeous old home, a ghost, and Salem, Massachusetts, featured in one book will always pique my interest and this first Salem B & B Mystery didn't disappoint. I enjoyed watching Charlotte transform the house and make contacts in the town. Although I'm not a fan of love triangles, there is a compelling one here. It's actually kind of a square as four people are involved. Charlotte is still grieving her husband who was her soulmate. She had no interest in developing a new romantic relationship, even though lots of men have been flirting with her. Yet she's drawn to Jack like a moth to a flame. He's a ghost, they can't have a future together...or can they? And then there's Detective Sam Holden, a man who's not shy about letting Charlotte know that he's interested in her...and that he's willing to wait.

MRS. MORRIS AND THE GHOST adds compelling characters to a well plotted mystery to create an engaging read. The Salem B & B is off to a great start and I, for one, would like to book a reservation!