Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Pearl Dagger - A Review


THE PEARL DAGGER by L. A. Chandlar
The Third Art Deco Mystery

Thrilling, exciting, and dangerous, working for Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia is never a walk in the park and Lane Sanders continues to find herself in some tight spots. But Little Flower's latest push to rid New York City of pinball machines leads to results both unexpected and deadly. While the threats could stem from various gangs vying for power, it seems more likely that the Red Scroll Network is back in business. When the heir to the network is identified Lane and her boyfriend, Detective Finn Brodie, head to London.Will they find a way to end this criminal organization once and for all or will they find themselves beset by demons of a more personal nature?

The third Art Deco Mystery continues highlight the importance of the past. While the threat at first seems to be pinball, it is actual dual threats from the past coming for both Lane and Finn in the forms of the Red Scroll Network and Finn's family. Unchecked ambition is at the core of our villains, although, unlike Macbeth and his wife, the modern counterparts are much more patient.

Lane Sanders is an amazing woman. She's strong, intelligent, loyal, determined, and not afraid to be true to herself. I am delighted that I get the opportunity to watch her adventures and see her grow as she learns more about her past. Although she loves fashion and dressing up, Lane is no simpering miss and she doesn't rely on a man to save her. She's a partner, able to support and be supported. In fact, the Art Deco Mystery series is filled with strong independent women. Aunt Evelyn, Vivian, Gwen, and Daphne are also fiercely self reliant with definite purpose, surrounding themselves with people to assist them in their endeavors, but fully able to go it alone, for good or evil!

My favorite part of the book is learning about Orson Welles's VOODOO MACBETH. Indeed the story of MACBETH correlates precisely to THE PEAR DAGGER. I grinned as each similarity appeared. As with Shakespeare's MACBETH, the characters of Chandlar's THE PEAR DAGGER feel the pull of ambition and find it leading them to the edge.

THE PEARL DAGGER is a finely crafted mystery bathed in historical detail. Richly developed characters, dramatic chases, and surprising twists make this book a first rate novel you won't want to miss.

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