Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Double Cheese Burger Murder - A Review


The Second Burger Bar Mystery

Christie Watson is getting the hang of small town living. Suspended from her job as a police detective, Christie has been serving time in her old hometown. Working as a waitress in her best friend's burger bar, she's learning to love the more relaxed atmosphere, as well as Jarvis's delectable burgers. A surprise visit from Jerry Lee Lewis, Grizzy's cousin the antiques dealer not the other one, leads to the death of a local and Christie's cop instincts kick in. Will she solve the case before the Sleepy Creek constabulary, will the local detectives arrest her for interfering, or will the killer find her first?

This second Burger Bar Mystery is a delightful bite. Although short, there are enough threads to keep it interesting and lots of viable suspects. I love that Christie is true to her profession and continues to keep Jerry Lee on her suspect list. Even though she is trying to prove he's innocent for Grizzy's sake, she's fully aware he may be the killer. I also appreciate the small touches of romance, not only Arthur and Grizzy, but the slow realization there may be something between Christie and Detective Balle, as long as she doesn't mistake those twirlings in her stomach as yearnings for another burger! A solid mystery, plenty of humor, and a feisty cat named Curly Fries all add flavor to this delicious mystery.

THE DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER MURDER is a quick fun read that has me hankering for a frosty milkshake and a double cheese burger!

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