Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Terns of Endearment - A Review


The Twenty-Fifth Meg Langslow Mystery

Finally giving into requests Meg's grandfather has joined the cruise ship lecture circuit. With the offer of heavily discounted fares for family and friends, the whole clan has joined him for an environmental cruise to Bermuda. While Michael and the twins spend time playing miniature golf, her mother takes tea, and Rose Noir attempts to protect the ship and its passengers from the Bermuda Triangle, Meg befriends a group of writers. Events take a terrible turn as the ship stops during the first night and loses all power. The fancy shoes and clothing of the Diva hated by the authors are found along with a suicide note. And Grandfather's assistant has gone missing. Much to the amazement of Meg and her dad, the Captain has no intention of investigating. With nary a crew member in sight, temperatures rising, food going bad, and no way to flush the toilets, Meg's mother takes charge and all members of the clan begin, not only to investigate, but organize all of the passengers to fix the ship. Did the Diva truly commit suicide? Did Trevor merely miss the boat? Will they ever make it to Bermuda? Or are the passengers and crew in as much danger as the Bermuda skink?

Meg and her eccentric clan hit the high seas in this the twenty-fifth entry to the Meg Langslow Mystery series. I've never been on a cruise, and reading this book has ensured that I never will! What a nightmare. I thought seasickness might be bad, but toilets that don't flush? Incomprehensible! As horrible as the conditions thrown at our characters, the book is actually great fun (as long as I'm reading it in my stationary air conditioned home with functioning plumbing). I love how every member of the Langslow clan, including Grandfather's tech people, have such special areas of expertise and how they all join together to help everyone.

The story is compelling and the mystery intricately plotted. I was never sure exactly what was going on and how things were connected, if they even were connected. Lots of surprises kept me reading late into the night. And I loved the ending tern of events.

TERNS OF ENDEARMENT is a fun addition to this long running series. Always humorous with characters you must love I enjoyed the cruise despite, and in part because of, the mishaps and can't wait to see what this amazing group of characters does next!

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