Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Means to an End - A Review


A MEANS TO AN END by Lissa Marie Redmond
The Third Cold Case Investigations Mystery

Cold Case Homicide Detective Lauren Riley has been through a lot. Recovering from a stab wound, her obsession with David Spencer, the man she unwittingly helped beat a murder charge, is going into overdrive. When another missing woman's body is found, Lauren is positive David is the killer. Several agencies come together to work the crime, but as positive Lauren is that David is to blame, several other officers think she's not only deranged, but guilty. With a new woman gone missing Detective Riley will pull out all the stops to finally stop Spencer, no matter the cost.

The third Cold Case Investigations Mystery continues to show the gritty world of police detection in Buffalo, New York. The dark wintry atmosphere of a never thawing Spring in Buffalo emphasizes the desperate nature of the characters here. Detective Riley has changed, not only mentally, but physically. No longer the attractive woman, her cases have been draining the life out of her, literally as well as figuratively. Forced to fight for her own good name as well as to prevent more deaths Lauren Riley will go to any end, by whatever means necessary. While her shining armour and bright idealism had long been tarnished by the reality of decades of real police work, she's now entered the no man's land.

In A MEANS TO AN END all of the loose pieces from the first two books in the Cold Case Investigations series are tied up as Detective Riley finally finds vindication. The final scene between Lauren and David is a culmination of their fascination, attraction, and mutual obsession. Their lives entwined in such a way so as to ultimately lead to their destruction.

A MEANS TO AN END is a heart pounding journey into the dark side of human nature. Stark realism is captured as one women is forced to decide to what lengths she'll go to to find justice.

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