Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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I just finished reading Buried in the Stacks by Allison Brook. This book is the third in the Haunted Library series and was released yesterday.

Things are going well for Carrie Singleton. She's happily dating Dylan, who will soon be living and working in Clover Ridge, she's supporting her best friend who's planning her nuptials, and she's satisfied with her job as the Program and Events Manager at the library. Carrie's even come to a truce with the despicable research librarian, Dorothy. But things aren't quiet at the library for long. With the cold weather and no place else to go several homeless people are hanging out at the library. As problems and complaints start pouring in, Carrie is intrigued by the idea of a day center and looks to support its creation, while all the librarians cover for Dorothy, who had fallen of the ice. But even on crutches Dorothy seems to be up to her old tricks, and when her car is rammed no one is too surprised. But would somebody actually murder Dorothy? And could a day center for the homeless really be a solution or just a front for illegal activity? Despite warnings to leave things to the police, Carrie is determined to ask questions, but in doing so will she provoke a murderer?

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