Saturday, September 14, 2019

Death by Jack-O'-Lantern - A Review


The Second Abby McCree Mystery

As Halloween looms ever closer Abby McCree once again finds herself working on a slew of committees and her tenant, Tripp, has just volunteered her for another one! But committee work is halted when instead of a bunch of pumpkins she finds the body of the town curmudgeon. When a homeless veteran who Tripp is mentoring is wanted for questioning, Tripp refuses to help law enforcement find him, and instead finds himself in trouble with the law. As Abby once again finds herself embroiled in another murder she'll have to help Tripp and Kevin all while preparing the town for its trick or treat event!

I absolutely love this smart sassy series. Endearing characters with strength of character, determination, and unwavering loyalty inhabit its pages. I admire Abby and her attitude. She's smart and able to give as good as she gets. I love how she denies people her baked goods when they make her mad. Her interactions with Detective Earle had my jaw dropping, then had me laughing out loud. Her relationship with Tripp is heartwarming and I look forward to them realizing they're more than just good friends, although their friendship is undeniable. I also like Abby's relationship with Gage, indeed with the whole police department. Of course, Zeke adds another layer of adorableness, as well as loyalty.

The second Abby McCree Mystery is a story about loyalty and facades. For better or worse, people aren't always what they seem. And sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, no matter the cost.

DEATH BY JACK-O'-LANTERN is a smart mystery with heart. The loyalty and good-natured bantering make me want to spend time with the people of Snowberry Creek...that and the baked goods. This book is an especially appealing autumnal read and I urge you to curl up with a copy.

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