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Close Encounters of the Curd Kind - An Interview

I'm happy to welcome Kirsten Weiss back to Cozy Up With Kathy today. Kirsten writes the Wits' End Mystery series. Close Encounters of the Curd Kind is the third book in the series and was released earlier this year.

Kathy: Susan Witsend owns of the best little UFO-themed B&B in the Sierras. Do you believe in UFOs?

KW: I guess I do, though I don't believe every UFO report I hear. But it just makes sense that we're not alone in this big universe, or that we're the smartest bears in it, and if we can't figure out interstellar travel, no one can.

Kathy: In Close Encounters of the Curd Kind several of the town's residents are having UFO issues. Have you ever seen a UFO?

KW: No, but I do spend a lot of time stargazing!

Kathy: Tell us about your series.

KW: Wits' End is a funny cozy mystery series with a complicated heroine, B&B owner Susan Witsend. She has some anxiety issues. Susan copes with them by being hyper-organized plus a heaping side of self-delusion when it comes to solving murders. But she does solve murders, and she does cope, and I think she's pretty endearing.

Kathy: Was there a specific inspiration for this story?

KW: I also have a paranormal mystery series set in the fictional Doyle, California, and I wanted to have a non-paranormal series in the same setting. Because there are a lot of mysterious disappearances in the paranormal series, I thought my non-paranormal townsfolk would have to come up with some sort of explanation for them, and the most logical one was alien abductions. From there, I got to a UFO-themed B&B.

Kathy: Are you able to share any future plans for Susan?

KW: Over the course of the three books in the Wits' End series, Susan undergoes some significant inner transformation. But she still has to deal with the root of her issues -- which go back to her childhood. I'd like to explore that more.

Kathy: Will you share any other upcoming books?

KW: In November, Fate, book 6 in the abovementioned paranormal mystery series launches. This book takes place during the same time period as Close Encounters of the Curd Kind, and there's an overlapping subplot. So for people who enjoy paranormal mysteries and the Wits' End series, it's a fun complicate to Curd Kind.


Close Encounters of the Curd Kind: A Doyle Cozy Mystery (A Wits' End Cozy Mystery) by Kirsten Weiss

About Close Encounters of the Curd Kind

Cozy Mystery 3rd in Series 
misterio press (September 5, 2019)  
Print Length: 250 Pages 
The truth is out there… Way out there.
Susan Witsend, owner of the best little UFO-themed B&B in the Sierras, is absolutely, positively, not going to get involved in another murder case. Not with her small-town sheriff threatening jail time if she interferes in one more investigation.
So when her neighbor is murdered, Susan exerts all her willpower to stay out of the sheriff’s business. But her neighbor’s daughter, Clare, needs Susan’s help. Clare’s been experiencing lost time, a sure sign of alien abduction. Helping Clare is only neighborly… and totally not interfering. Right?
Worse, Clare’s not the only one with UFO issues. Weird lights in the sky, vanishing cows, and little green men are bringing the mountain town of Doyle to the edge of a panic. Can Susan unearth the truth before her town spirals into chaos? If you like laugh-out-loud mysteries with complicated heroines (and breakfast recipes), you’ll love Close Encounters of the Curd Kind, book 3 in the Wits’ End series of cozy mystery novels. Read this twisty cozy caper today!

About Kirsten Weiss

Kirsten Weiss has never met a dessert she didn’t like, and her guilty pleasures are watching Ghost Whisperer re-runs and drinking red wine. The latter gives her heartburn, but she drinks it anyway.
Now based in San Mateo, CA, she writes genre-blending cozy mystery, supernatural and steampunk suspense, mixing her experiences and imagination to create vivid worlds of fun and enchantment.
If you like funny cozy mysteries, check out her Pie Town, Paranormal Museum and Wits’ End books. If you’re looking for some magic with your mystery, give the Witches of Doyle, Riga Hayworth, and Rocky Bridges books a try. And if you like steampunk, the Sensibility Grey series might be for you.
Kirsten sends out original short stories of mystery and magic to her mailing list. If you’d like to get them delivered straight to your inbox, make sure to sign up for her newsletter at
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  1. I think that there probably aren’t aliens flying around Earth but there are definitely things that people see but can’t identify.
    sgiden at verizon(.)net

  2. I think UFO's are a possibility. Sounds like a great series. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I have never seen one but would probably freak out if I did!

  4. I think that there are flying objects flying around. This series sounds so good and I would love to read a print copy and review on a few diff sites. Winning the entire series would be so nice and thank you for coming to this blog site. peggy clayton ptclayton2 (at)