Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Currently Reading...

I just started reading On Borrowed Crime by Kate Young. This book is the first in the Jane Doe Book Club Mystery series and was released yesterday!

Much to her mother's chagrin Lyla Moody has a penchant for crime. Not only is she a member of the Jane Doe book club, but she's starting work as the receptionist for her uncle, who happens to be a private investigator. Lyla is stunned when a car nearly runs her over, but more so when she sees that the woman driving appears to be distraught and happens to be Carol, a member of her book club. Carol doesn't show up at the meeting that night and her husband calls looking for her, saying he hasn't seen her in days. A message from the missing woman earlier leads the rest of the group to be even more concerned as Carol said she's solved one of the town's Jane Doe cases. Could the book club be getting involved in a real murder case? And just where is Carol?

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