Friday, October 30, 2020

Iced Over - A Review


ICED OVER by Heather Day Gilbert
The Second Barks & Beans Cafe Mystery 

Thanksgiving brings with it a wintry chill along with some ice and snow to West Virginia. Macy Hatfield is enjoying the season with her brother, Bo, and Great Dane, Coal, pleased with the success of their Barks and Beans Cafe. She's also happy with the employees, especially the bubbly young Bristol. When Bristol's uncle winds up in a coma and his partner dead in the crash of their armored security truck, Macy does all she can to help the young woman and her family. When it turns out that $500,000 is missing from the truck and suspicious strangers are asking about the truck and Bristol's family, Macy and Bo go on high alert. Was the crash really an accident or is something more sinister going on?

ICED OVER brings the warmth of Thanksgiving with a winter chill. The coziness of friendship and family, as well as the willingness to help others is poised over the darkness of treachery and cold blooded murder. The mystery starts slowly, reeling in readers in with positive vibes. The accident seems just that, an accident, for the most part. But as we get more involved we find more mysteries and suspicions rise against friends old and new...not to mention the major players who we later discover are also involved.

Aside from lots of lovable dogs, the thing I like best about the Barks & Beans Cafe Mystery series is its protagonist. Macy Hatfield is smart and loyal. She keeps the police informed and knows when to ask for help. She has a wonderful relationship with her brother as well as her dog Coal, who is a favorite character as well. I am so happy that the series promotes animal adoptions and shows the variety of animals that can be found in local shelters. I loved meeting Waffles and hope to see more of her in future books, hopefully in a home that can appreciate her.

ICED OVER is a smart engaging mystery that lures you in with dogs and coffee and leaves you satisfied with family, friends, and murder.

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