Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Silver Shooter - A Review


The Silver Shooter by Erin Lindsey
The Third Rose Gallagher Mystery 

Things are going well for Rose Gallagher. She owns her own home where her mother and friend Pietro also live and she's proud to be a Pinkerton detective. Things don't stay calm forever, especially where the special branch of the Pinkertons are concerned. Teddy Roosevelt has come in from the Dakota Territory where there's been trouble. After the worst winter ever, things are tough...made tougher by men being found slaughtered. Thinking something supernatural is to blame Roosevelt has suggested Thomas and Rose investigate. Once in the Badlands the duo are freed from their New York City constraints, but also discover just how wild the Wild West can be!

THE SILVER SHOOTER is a pulse pounding adrenaline fueled read. Tension exists everywhere, from the Dakota locals, the Lakota, and the mysterious creature, to the sparks flowing between Rose and Thomas. Thomas and Rose are out of their element, yet they have the opportunity to reveal their true selves and enjoy freedom and taking liberties with societal expectations.

I love when historical novels add real life characters to the story and Teddy Roosevelt is a perfect addition to the story with his bigger than life personality. The historical accuracy adds such realism that the supernatural element appears eminently natural.

THE SILVER SHOOTER has enough thrills and chills to keep you riveted to the story, eyes glued to the page. It proved an emotional experience with moments of white knuckled reading interspersed with laughs, as well as tears. The ending left me speechless and wondering, not only what Thomas would have said earlier, if he hadn't allowed Rose to go first, but what will happen next.

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