Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading A Side of Murder by Amy Pershing. This book is the first in the Cape Cod Foodie Mystery series and was released last week.

After inheriting her aunt's house, Chef Samantha Barnes returns to Cape Cod. The timing is perfect as it allows Sam to hide from the notoriety of the viral video of her fight with another chef, the man who is now her ex-husband. Though she considers her stint on the Cape short term, flipping the house and moving on, Sam soon finds herself owning a dog and writing foodie pieces for the local paper. But Sam soon finds herself enmeshed in life on the Cape after she finds a dead body. Though the police deem it an accidental death, Sam is troubled by inconsistencies and decides she may want to report on more than food. Now Sam is coming to grips with her past and learning to live in the present as she searches for answers. Will she find a murderer, or will a murderer find her?

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