Friday, March 26, 2021

Truffles and Tragedy - A Review


The Sixth Down South Cafe Mystery 
Amy Flowers is proud of the success of her Down South Cafe. She supports her staff too, whether it's encouraging Scott in his baking endeavors or her cousin, Jackie, who is getting her business degree. Amy is even giving an online presentation for Jackie's class. Soon after she begins the professor seems to suddenly become ill and collapses during the live feed. When it's discovered the professor was poisoned, hot tempered Jackie jumps to the top of the suspect list due to a loud disagreement with the man. When evidence is found implicating Jackie, Amy knows someone must be setting her up. As her boyfriend begins a formal investigation Amy rallies the Down South Cafe staff and they start their own investigation. Who wanted, not only the professor dead, but Jackie to take the blame?

The sixth Down South Cafe Mystery combines family loyalty with a perplexing murder. Amy has to balance her desire to prove her cousin's innocence with her trust in her boyfriend, Ryan, a deputy investigating the murder. She does an admirable job too, being there and supporting Jackie as well as being there for Ryan, and doing a little sleuthing on her own...and with the help of her crew. It's a well thought out mystery with a multitude of red herrings that led me on a merry chase for a killer, and the correct motive.

I loved the whole subplot of Dilly's racoon. I was also introduced to two characters I'd be be happy to punch; or at least pull their hair, drag them through the mud, and break their high heels. Bless their hearts.
TRUFFLES AND TRAGEDY is a tasty mystery as comforting as the food served in the Down South Cafe. Savory with a bite, I relish the next installment.

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