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Deadly Gamble - A Review & Giveaway


DEADLY GAMBLE by Kate Parker
The Eleventh Deadly Mystery 

In 1941 Portugal is a neutral country and Lisbon a glittering city filled with both English and German businessmen and spies of various nationalities. One double agent is willing to give important information to England, but demands that his contact be a married woman. And so Olivia Redmond heads to Lisbon, in service to the spymaster once more. While it's nice to be free of nightly bombings, Livvy faces several other problems. Before she can meet with her contact he falls to his death. A search of his apartment doesn't lead to the documents, but rather the discovery of his young daughter. Livvy has to deal with annoying spies, dangerous Germans, and her own feelings as she cares for the little girl. Will Livvy be able to finish her mission, find the girl's relatives, and go home, or will Portuguese authorities put her in jail for murder?

With only a brief appearance by Sir Malcolm, the other principal characters in the series are absent from the eleventh Deadly Mystery. While I missed her interactions with Adam, as well as seeing her other friends, their absence truly gave Olivia a chance to shine on her own. And shine she did. I enjoyed how Livvy put her male counterparts in their place...and had plenty to say to certain Germans as well. DEADLY GAMBLE shows just how strong, and fierce, Livvy can be while it also shows her thought process regarding what she really wants from life.  

One of the things I like best about this series is learning new things. I never realized that Portugal was neutral during World War Two. I also love the characters, the danger, excitement, and humor found here. The plot and the historic details brought the story to life and had me completely captivated. 

DEADLY GAMBLE is a riveting story of spies and intrigue in a city trying to hold on to its luster.


 Deadly Gamble: A World War II Mystery by Kate Parker

About Deadly Gamble

Deadly Gamble: A World War II Mystery
Historical Cozy Mystery 11th in Series
Setting - Lisbon, Portugal in 1941
Publisher: ‎ JDP Press (April 16, 2024)
Print length: ‎ 255 pages

In 1940s Portugal, everyone is willing to trade secrets if the price is right.

Britain stands alone against the forces of Nazi Germany. Livvy Redmond is a young newspaperwoman determined to serve Britain’s spymaster in the face of danger. When she arrives in neutral Lisbon, she discovers a city full of spies, refugees, and the secret police.

At an elegant party to meet a double agent, Livvy witnesses him fall to his death from a balcony and must now determine what secrets he wanted to pass her. Further complicating matters, she must guard the man’s young daughter from sinister people trying to kidnap the girl.

Gambling on the assistance of British embassy staff, Livvy commits to uncovering the truth while keeping the orphan safe. With spies and traitors lurking around every corner, Livvy must race against time to learn the secret someone has already killed to keep hidden – and is willing to murder again to protect.

Deadly Gamble is the exciting eleventh book in the World War II mystery Deadly Series. If you like intrepid heroines, research-based history and clean reads, then you’ll love USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Parker’s page-turning mystery.

About Kate Parker

Kate Parker grew up inside the Beltway, when DC was a sleepy southern city and you could walk along the sidewalk directly in front of the White House. Now you can’t get within a block of the White House, and it takes Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon to house even part of what the Old State, War and Navy building held. All this fed Kate’s love of history. With retirement, Kate moved to North Carolina and took up writing historical mysteries. Now with a career spanning over a decade, Kate is a USA Today bestselling author and the Deadly Series is her longest-running series. She lives with her daughter and a 110-pound puppy.

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  1. This is my favorite series since it is set during my favorite era - World War 2. I have subscribed to Kate Parker's newsletter, and read her novels that transport me to another place and era. They are dramatic, well written and meaningful. I knew about the background and neutral countries since I read a great deal about WW2. Thanks for your wonderful feature and giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Sounds like a book I will enjoy reading.

  3. Thank you, Kathy, for your generous praise for Deadly Gamble.

  4. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for the article.