Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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I'm currently reading The Killing at Kaldaire House by Kate Parker. This book is the first in the Milliner Mystery series and was released March 22.

Emily Gates is a respectable shop owner and talented milliner. In fact, her creations are sought after by most of the aristocracy. Sadly, the upper classes aren't quick to pay their bills, if they pay them at all. Desperate to pay her own bills, Emily falls back on the skills of her father and his family and has taken to robbing the rich and holding their property ransom until she's paid what she's owed. While  attempting to relieve a favored painting, Emily's plan falls to pieces as she finds the body of the dying Lord Kaldaire. Knowing she can't leave him, she summons for help. Now Lady Kaldaire knows her secret, as does Detective Inspector Russell. Both vow to keep long as Emily helps them. So now Emily's using her family's tricks to help Lady Kaldaire discover who murdered her husband and spying on the family she'd rather not know for the police. Will Emily be able to protect her reputation and her business? Will she discover the truth behind the attack on Lord Kaldaire? And, more importantly, will she find time to continue to make her famous hats?

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