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Nun After the Other - An Interview & Giveaway

I'm happy to welcome Alice Loweecey back to the blog today. Alice writes the Giulia Driscoll Mystery series. NUN AFTER THE OTHER is the fifth book in the series and was released last week.

Kathy: In THE CLOCK STRIKES NUN Giulia Driscoll dealt with a haunted house and now she has to deal with a convent ghost. What made you choose a paranormal bent for your series?

AL: I love paranormals They're so much fun. It's also the closest you can get to real horror and still be a cozy, right? Mashups rule! Also, I wanted to keep the series fresh. There are a lot of women sleuths out there but not a lot who have to deal with ghosts.

Kathy:In addition to a convent ghost who hates the nuns, NUN AFTER THE OTHER gives us drug rings, developers, and a crash course in parenting. Were any of these topics more fun to write than the others?

AL: [Stares at question. Thinks about book. Remembers developers and parenting. Drug rings?] This answer is proof that once a book is off my laptop and in my editor's hands, I'm already on to the next book! Honestly, the nerd in me is showing, because my answer is: Developers. I've done the parenting things twice and (shh) I also touched on drug rings in an earlier book, 'Back in the Habit'. I knew very little about developers and got to dive down the research hole for this plot element.

Kathy:Was there a specific inspiration for this story?

AL: Seriously: The Chihuahua. My friend and fellow writer, Barbara Early pointed out how many cozies feature cats. I tried to work in a cat. I really did. I have three of them; I could've featured one. But instead, the Chihuahua who fakes a limp to get extra attention wouldn't take no for an answer. The ghost got in my face as well. She was supposed to be a crotchety old woman but when I reached the chapter where she finally appears, she was anything but. Characters. So pushy.

Kathy:I really enjoy the covers to your Giulia Driscoll Mystery series. This most recent reminds me of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride! Do you have any input in their design?

AL: You're saying this to someone who does NOT do Disney, you know. <grins> I make suggestions for my covers, giving a list of major book elements the Nunmobile can drive past. My cover artist always comes up with something eye-catching. She's terrific.

Kathy:Are you able to share any future plans for Giulia?

AL: She'll have the troubles of all working mothers: Juggling a career and a newborn. Sleep is a thing of the past. She's handling more ghosts, of course, and they're not all as nice as the ghost in Nun after the Other.

Kathy:Will you share any other upcoming books?

AL: I can't share teasers for the next Giulia book, because I'm still writing it. (Speaking of sleep being a thing of the past...) I can share that I just signed a book contract for my alter-ego, Kate Morgan. She writes horror. The book, 'Demons for Tea', will be out sometime this year from Omnium Gatherum Books. It's 'Supernatural' meets 'The Addams Family'.


Nun After The Other (A Giulia Driscoll Mystery) by Alice Loweecey

About the Book

Cozy Mystery 5th in Series  
Henery Press (April 17, 2018) Paperback: 268 pages 
Nuns and murder and ghosts, oh my! Here comes Giulia Driscoll again, and boy, is she in for it this time. It starts when a frenzied Chihuahua leads Giulia and Frank Driscoll to the body of a nun in the street near a convent. The nuns fear they’re being harassed by the biggest developer in town and quickly embrace Giulia as their savior. Of course the former nun who exposed the drug ring run by a priest and nun will save their home and discover the murderer. And of course not only Giulia takes this job, but also all the other jobs clamoring for her attention. The result: Driscoll Investigations is pushed to its limit. Then Giulia’s brother falls into a coma and she brings his kids to her house. Talk about a crash course in parenting for pregnant Giulia! Did we mention the convent ghost? She loves the house, hates the nuns, and chain-smokes. Why couldn’t Giulia’s first honest-to-goodness ghost be shy and sweet? More important, does the ghost hate the nuns—or the developer—enough to indulge in a bit of murder to liven up the afterlife?

About the Author

Alice Loweecey is a baker of brownies and tormenter of characters, Alice Loweecey recently celebrated her thirtieth year outside the convent. She grew up watching Hammer horror films and Scooby-Doo mysteries, which explains a whole lot. When she’s not creating trouble for her sleuth Giulia Driscoll or inspiring nightmares as her alter-ego Kate Morgan, she can be found growing her own vegetables (in summer) and cooking with them (the rest of the year).  

Twitter: @AliceLoweecey  
Goodreads: Alice Loweecey  

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  1. I love reading humorous nun stories since I have a convent on the corner of mt street.

  2. Thank you for the interview with Alice Loweecey and information on "Nun After the Other" as well as for being part of the book tour.

    I'd very much love the opportunity to red this great cozy!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. Love the ghosts, nunmobile and the chihuahua! Thanks for featuring Nun After the Other and your interview with Alice on your blog ~

  4. Sounds like an intertaining story. Thanks for this opportunity.