Monday, April 30, 2018

The Fleur de Sel Murders - Review


The Third Brittany Mystery

On a vague tip from trusted journalist Lilou Breval, Commissaire Georges Dupin decides to break a few rules and take a peek at the salt marshes, not believing he'll find anything. Enjoying the beautiful place he sees nothing amiss, until someone starts shooting at him! Wounded and unable to make contact with Lilou, Commissaire Dupin is determined to work the case, even though it's out of his jurisdiction. Now he, along with Commissaire Sylvaine Rose and her local team will sift through the salt marshes to discover the truth behind the blue barrels.

Jean-Luc Bannalec captures the essence of Brittany with his vivid descriptions, from the succulent food (My mouth is watering for a tartine with brie, walnuts, and grape mustard!), the myths and fables, the gorgeous landscape, even the scents. I want to visit the salt marshes to smell the violet fragrance of the salt!

THE FLEUR DE SEL MURDERS has a slow, steady, and methodical pace. It's not a light, easy read. The narrative needs to be savored and readers need to pay attention to appreciate the complex story and exquisite details given. I liked the characters, and wish I had my own Nolwenn! I enjoyed the different approaches of both Commissaire Dupin and Commissaire Rose as they begrudgingly work as a team, each with an honest respect for the other, but each used to doing things his/her own way! But it's the charming details that really heighten the appeal of the mystery, the gifts that Georges chooses for Claire, Riwal's stories, and the kangaroo!

THE FLEUR DE SEL MURDERS is a police procedural that traditional mystery fans will embrace.