Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading A Fatal Collection by Mary Ellen Hughes. This book is the first of the Keepsake Cove Mystery series and was released last week.

Needing some time away from her loser boyfriend, Callie Reed decides to spend some time visiting  her favorite Aunt Melody in charming Keepsake Cove. Their visit abruptly ends when Callie finds her aunt dead in her music box shop, apparently having accidentally fallen during the night. When Callie learns she is Melody's only heir and now owns her shop and cottage, she decides to leave West Virginia for good and start a new life in the town catering to collectors. Yet, the more time passes, the more Callie questions her aunt's death. What was she doing in the store in the middle of the night? Was it really an accident? Or did it have something to do with her nasty neighbor? Or the controversy she started with the Keepsake Cove Association? And why is her grandfather's music box suddenly playing when no one has wound it up?

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