Sunday, November 12, 2017

That Olde White Magick - Review & Giveaway


The Second Abracadabra Mystery

Pretty much the entire town of New Camel, NY has arrived at a special town meeting since pretty much every resident has a strong opinion about the zoning law change being proposed. But everything is put on hold when a board member is found murdered outside the school just before the meeting begins. Did someone kill her because of her position on the proposal? Curiosity piqued Kailin Wilde decides investigating another murder may be just what she's looking for, not that she intends to put herself in a killer's sights again. Between running her magickal shop, keeping an eye on Merlin (yes, that Merlin), and practicing teleportation, Kailin decides to also work on her relationship with Travis. Perhaps solving a murder together is just what they need to get back on track.

The second Abracadabra mystery has many layers that are filled with fun characters  Aunt Tilly provides plenty of humor, along with familial love, while Merlin is brilliant as a fish out of water. Kailin shows strength of character and determination as she investigates the murder and works on relationship issues while remaining true to herself. I truly enjoy how magick is presented and wish I could visit Abracadabra and purchase some Wilde magick. I appreciate the care shown to Sashkatu and hope that all elderly cats are treated with such deference, whether they are familiars or not!

THAT OLDE WHITE MAGICK is a great blend of realistic small town politics and murder spiced with magick.

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