Sunday, November 26, 2017

Twelve Slays of Christmas - Review


The First Christmas Tree Farm Mystery

Holly White has returned home to Mistletoe, Maine, but not for her Christmas Eve wedding. Confident that she actually dodged a bullet when her fiance left her for a yoga instructor, Holly is throwing herself into the Reindeer Game festivities at her family's Christmas tree farm. But when the president of the historical society, who had been wreaking havoc with several residents including Holly's dad, winds up murdered at the farm Holly finds she has more on her plate than Christmas cookies! Holly needs to get the farm back in business after it's closed to the public as a crime scene and decides to show that good looking sheriff that there are much better suspects than her family and the farm's employees.

Reindeer Games Tree Farm is a magical place for a mystery. Filled with winter traditions and all the Christmas trimmings, reading this book made me want to snuggle by the Christmas tree and drink some of Cookie's special tea...even though my tree isn't up yet! Despite the joy to be found at the farm, there's also a killer on the loose adding fear and suspicion. I appreciate the fact that Holly visibly reacts to the threats and scary occurrences with realistic emotions. She's affected and struggles to deal with what has happened, but doesn't let it stop her from trying to find the killer.

TWELVE SLAYS OF CHRISTMAS is a charming Christmas read, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. I can easily picture it transformed into film and watching it on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel! It's a perfect holiday blend of mystery and romance with enough chills to be exciting and the right amount of sweetness to make you smile. The first Christmas Tree Mystery is a feel good story flavored with the joy of Christmastime as well as a good mystery!

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