Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Currently Reading...

I just finished reading Of Spice and Men by Sarah Fox. This is the third book in the Pancake House Mystery series and was released yesterday.

Although not a fan of horror films Marley McKinney is excited that a Hollywood production crew is filming a remake of a horror classic in Wildwood Cove. But excitement turns to true horror when Marley and Sienna find the head make-up artist's trailer on fire with the artist still inside. The horror continues when Marley discovers the lead actress in the arms of her boyfriend and learns that they once lived together. Marley can't help getting involved into what has become a murder investigation and while trying to find justice for the victim she also has to come to terms with Brett's past and his ongoing belief in his ex's innocence. A difficult task when Marley thinks the woman could easily be guilty.

Recipes included.

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