Friday, November 24, 2017

Of Murder and Men - Review


OF MURDER AND MEN by Lynn Cahoon
The Third Cat Latimer Mystery

Cat Latimer is certain that her third Writers' Retreat will be quiet and uneventful, although her partner is driving her to distraction paying more attention to her boyfriend than her responsibilities to their business. When Shauna announces her engagement, Cat is even more worried. Will Kevin start treating Shauna better? Will Shauna quit? The retreat gets underway and despite Shauna's lapses is running smoothly, the guests getting along well and bonding. Yet things don't remain uneventful. Kevin goes missing during the night and is found murdered on his property. Has Kevin's past come back to haunt him, or was it his future? 

The Cat Latimer mystery series looks at the reality of authors' lives today, juggling the creative and business aspects of the working writer.

OF MURDER AND MEN deals with themes of family and love. We see differences and similarities in the relationships between biological relationships and the families people choose. We see romantic love in many forms as well. In addition to the newly engaged couple, we get the possible bud of a new relationship for Cat's uncle. We also see Seth's growing importance in Cat's life, if also a bit of annoyance. Seth is the good guy high school sweetheart, Cat's first love. But there is also the intrigue of the mysterious well meaning mobster.

OF MURDER AND MEN is a well balanced novel combining dual mysteries with a touch of romance amid an intriguing backdrop.

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