Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Currently Writing...

"Who was that? That wasn't Mark, was it? Who was it? Kasia?"

A slight smack to the arm broke my reverie and brought me back to reality, but my eyes must have still been glazed over as Vic continued, "What is wrong with you?"

At that moment I heard the front door open and Craig reentered  the store. "Yup, there they are. I left my gloves in here. It was great meeting you, oh hi." Seeing Vic, Craig introduced himself to a speechless Victoria. "Well, I have to dash, I need to make the rest of these deliveries. I hope I'll see you both again soon." With a quick wave and a grin, he was out the door, grape shaped bells ringing his exit.


We both paused to admire the exiting winemaker, but Vic was the first to break the silence. "Well, now you have something other than that house to drool over." I have a feeling my smack to her arm was a bit more forceful than hers.

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