Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Bad Hair Day Cookbook - A Review


By Nancy J. Cohen

Marla Vail, the savvy hairdresser and sleuth of the Bad Hair Day Mystery series by Nancy J. Cohen, is back. Instead of solving a new mystery, however, Marla is sharing lots of easy to prepare recipes in a cookbook.

A BAD HAIR DAY COOKBOOK is a great little book. There are a lot of recipes, over 160, well organized into types, for example appetizers, beverages, and desserts. I especially like how the entrees are divided into types as well, lamb, chicken, vegetarian and more! The recipes themselves are quite simple, for the most part. A good number also involve time saving measuring such as pre-packaged food and the use of a microwave.

Each section of the book includes a nice graphic, the story line of one of the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, the names of recipes included in that book, or food talked about if the book didn't include recipes, and an excerpt. In addition each recipe has a little introduction by Marla, sometimes including tips. Suggestions for themed and holiday dinners are also included as well as a special article written by author Nancy Cohen's mother entitled A Sabbath Dinner.

I was pleased to see a great variety of foods and flavors included and I was absolutely thrilled to see several recipes featuring lychees! I adore lychees, but aside from one recipe by Ming Tsai, I have never cooked with them. Lychee Blueberry Muffins and Lychee Curry Chicken will hopefully find their way to my plate soon!

A BAD HAIR DAY COOKBOOK is an easy to read cookbook chock full of recipes and anecdotes from the Bad Hair Day Mystery series. This book is enjoyable to read even if you're unfamiliar with the mysteries and even if you don't cook!


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I am glad you like my lychee recipes!

    1. Hooray for lychees. I don't have an abundance, but recently discovered I can buy fresh ones here, at least part of the year, I'm looking forward to trying several other recipes as well.

    2. Fresh lychees have a wondrous taste. We so enjoyed them from our tree when we had one.