Friday, November 8, 2019

Threshold of Deceit - A Review


The Second Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mystery

In 1934 the death of the local lothario leads Detective Steven Blackwall into another murder investigation. Could it have been an old girlfriend, an angry husband, or perhaps even his wife who finally had enough of Frankie Russo? Olivia Watson has her own mystery to solve when her elderly friend tells her she has a twin, one she never met, but hopes to find. As Blackwell and his team search for answers Steven and Olivia continue their experiments with time-travel. While Olivia and he have shared evenings together in their house, neither have left its apparent safety, or each other. Olivia is ready to step eighty years in the past and begins to walk the streets and interact with the people of 1934. Will Olivia find the missing sibling? Will Steven find the murderer?

An intricately plotted mystery is the highlight of THRESHOLD OF DECEIT. Lots of suspects and surprises along the way kept my interest piqued. I also appreciated the details included in the investigation, the process of which was fascinating, especially considering the differences police officers faced in 1934 as opposed to today.

Olivia plays a more important role, not only in Steven's life, but in the mystery itself in this second Blackwell and Watson Time Travel Mystery. No longer an interesting side note and a respite for a grieving detective, Olivia and her ideas and opinions have more significance. Her acceptance of the past and how she does her best to fit in is admirable as is her ability to still remain true to herself.

THRESHOLD OF DECEIT brings the past and present together in a unique mystery.

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