Friday, November 29, 2019

Murder in the Moonshine - A Review


The Third Rita Calabrese Culinary Mystery

All is quiet in Acorn Hollow, New York, too quiet for the editor of the Morris County Gazette. Much to Rita Calabrese's chagrin, two new columns are being added to the paper, Ask a Dude, and Teen Talk which is written by a high school student with an attitude. A request from her sister to drum up interest on her latest real estate challenge proves to be the inspiration Rita needs. Not only will she pen fascinating copy about the history of the house, not difficult since the house was once a speakeasy visited by FDR, but she'll organize a jazz themed party for the whole town. But when a known drug dealer is found murdered before the big event's staged raid, Rita has a serious piece of investigative journalism to pursue.

Disgruntled that her popularity is being usurped by a know it all teen and an unknown man, Rita is on a mission. First off to figure out the identity of the mysterious Dude, and then get her byline back in the spotlight. I love Rita's confidence, but in her third mystery she also shows a little vulnerability. Her inability to connect with her daughter as well as an overwhelming need to protect her family, blood relation or not, makes her more real. But this attitude, which can appear a bit overbearing, leads me to a bone of contention with the well meaning matriarch. I understand her concern over her family leaving the nest and moving away, but she needs to stop bashing Buffalo! I hereby cordially invite Rita over and I will gladly show her the amazing architecture, the vast history, and incredible art to be found in Buffalo, not to mention the fabulous food. Rita, we're not all snow and closed steel mills and you should see what we've done to our grain silos!

While I love Buffalo, New York I would like to visit the crossroads and see this amazing, albeit dilapidated, old home. Vivid descriptions and intricately woven lore makes it tangible and I especially love that some of the history surrounding it is true.

Infused with Italian flair, MURDER IN THE MOONSHINE takes history, modern societal issues, and family values and melds them into a captivating, mouthwatering mystery.

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