Friday, November 1, 2019

Apple Cider Slaying - A Review


APPLE CIDER SLAYING by Julie Anne Lindsey
The First Cider Shop Mystery

Winnie Montgomery is bound and determined to make Smythe Orchard a success. With her grandfather's death the orchard suffered some financial setbacks, but with her business plan in place, Winnie is primed to get a loan and get the family business back on track and more profitable than ever. No longer closing after the harvest, Winnie has plans to have special holiday events to bring even more customers in. But as she's showing the loan officer the intended space for her Cider Shop they discover the dead body of her grandma's arch rival! With the Sheriff believing Granny is the prime suspect and the chances of her bank loan diminishing with each hour Winnie knows she has to find the real killer, before it's too late!

I love apple cider so I was immediately drawn to this series. And just like good apple cider APPLE CIDER SLAYING is tart, sweet, and oh so satisfying. Winnie is an immensely likeable protagonist. She's down to earth, has had some tough times, but struggles to do the best she can for herself and her grandma. Granny is a pistol and I love Dot, the Park Ranger best friend with a gift for helping animals. Of course there's the good looking Sheriff with a mysterious past and I'm glad Winnie didn't find him so first. And then there are the two adorable kittens, whose names had me giggling.There is a unique flavor to this mystery, part Southern, part Appalachian, all West Virginian.

APPLE CIDER SLAYING lays the groundwork for a fantastic new series. I enjoyed the setting, the characters, and the mystery...which I found to be be intricately plotted with enough surprises to keep me guessing about what was really going on. So grab a mug of apple cider and get ready to enjoy the first Cider Shop Mystery.

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