Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading An Ale of Two Cities by Sarah Fox. This book is the second in the Literary Pub Mystery series and will be published November 26, 2019.

Getting her literary themed pub into the holiday spirit Sadie Coleman is arranging for a trivia night and sponsoring the pub's hockey team while enjoying Shady Creek's Winter Carnival. The mood is decidedly less merry when former resident, now hot shot Boston chef, Freddy Mancini arrives to compete in the ice sculpting contest. The arrogant chef wastes no time putting down the town and its residents, including his former girlfriend, mentor, and brother. Before the contest even finishes, Freddy is dead. While there are plenty of suspects, Mel makes the top of the list. Believing her employee to be innocent, and giving in to her natural curiosity, Sadie decides to search for the killer herself. Will she be able to figure out which of the many suspects actually did it, or will the killer find her first?

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