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Reflections on a Small-Town Life - A Turkey Basted to Death Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm happy to welcome Jolie Tucker to Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Jolie on the pages of the Cast Iron Skillet Mystery series by Jodie Rath. Turkey Basted to Death is a novella, making it the second and a half book in the series. It was released on November 15, 2019.

Reflections on s Small-Town Life

Hi all, I’m Jolie Tucker, and I live in Leavensport, Ohio—born and raised here. I’ve grown up with a crew of interesting friends that still live here too. My best friend, Ava Martinez, and I co-own a restaurant called Cast Iron Creations. She runs the front of the house, and I stay in the kitchen and cook and test out new recipes. Most of the recipes come from my Grandma Opal, and they were passed down from generations in our family.

I’m finding the longer I live, the more things from my past I need to deal with. A few years back, I would not have felt this way. Last year, a new detective came to work in the village—he’s ten years older than me—and, well, yeah, a lot of things have changed in my life since then. I’ve always struggled to trust people in general, but especially men. When Mick Meiser showed up, that all changed . . . until he lied about a huge situation in his life.

Recently, I started some therapy sessions to get to the core of my trust issues. These sessions have helped me remember some things from my past while helping me understand who I am and why I’m the way I am. I’m finding that I’m more involved in the politics of our village life lately, too. Urban sprawl has been an issue that popped up recently—and I will soon learn more about gentrification as well.

I’ve always felt that even though I come from a small town, the villagers and myself are all open-minded and tolerant people. With time, I’m learning that I need to broaden my horizons in understanding how society works and find better ways to communicate effectively when issues arise.

This Thanksgiving is going to be a wild ride! Ava’s family is back from Santo Domingo, and the entire village is gathering at the community center to celebrate the holiday together. Ava and I are in charge of most of the catering for a holiday. I’ve been warned that things will not go as planned, and I have a horrible feeling in my stomach. The last year has brought more crime to our little village, and I’m hoping I don’t find myself smack in the middle of another murder investigation!

Welcome to Leavensport, OH, where DEATH takes a DELICIOUS turn!


Turkey Basted to Death (The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Series) by Jodi Rath

About Turkey Basted to Death

Cozy Mystery 2.5 in the Series - A Holiday Book 
MYS ED LLC (November 15, 2019) Number of Pages 133 pages
Thanksgiving is here, and Jolie Tucker has had quite the year! She is ready to sit back and relax with family and friends. But this is Leavensport, OH—so get ready for intense therapy sessions, dysfunctional family holiday gatherings, uninvited guests, and an inner-city teen advocate found DEAD—stabbed in the ear with the turkey baster!
Welcome to Leavensport, OH, where DEATH takes a DELICIOUS turn!

About the Author

Moving into her second decade working in education, Jodi Rath has decided to begin a life of crime in her The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Series. Her passion for both mysteries and education led her to combine the two to create her business MYS ED, where she splits her time between working as an adjunct for Ohio teachers and creating mischief in her fictional writing. She currently resides in a small, cozy village in Ohio with her husband and her seven cats.

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  1. This is perfect for the holidays, The joys and stressors of the season, with family figuring prominently.

    1. Thanks so much, I had a ton of fun writing this! It was weird writing about Thanksgiving in early June,though:)

  2. Enjoyed hearing from Jolie about small town life and can't wait for the opportunity to read more about her in "Turkey Basted to Death" by Jodi Rath.

    Thank you for being part of the book tour.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Thanks so much! I grew up in the inner city and now live in a village--I love writing about both in the series and have two inner city spin-off series coming in 2021:)

  3. This sounds so good and love reading the excerpt about it would love to read a print of it and then review on 2 sites. peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. Thanks so much, Peggy! I hope you are a winner! If you are not opposed to newsletters, then I do a monthly newsletter that comes out the 15th of each month. I do about seven or eight giveaways a year!

  4. Been following the tour, would love to get a copy!