Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Charming Voodoo Scavenger Hunt

I'm pleased to be a part of the Charming Voodoo Scavenger Hunt. You can find my clue via the Rafflecopter below. But first, let's takes a look at the latest book in the Magical Cures Mystery series.

A CHARMING VOODOO is the 10th book in Tonya Kappes Magical Cures Mystery series.

The official blurb:

Bubble. . . bubble. . .
Whispering Falls is abuzz with the new
housing development and new shops
popping up all over the magical
village right before the annual All
Hallow’s Eve celebration.

Cures and trouble. . .
June Heal’s intuition
is on high alert and she just can’t shake
that something bad is about to happen.

Magic stirs . . .
June finds Violet Draper standing over a dead body
In the new pumpkin patch hours before it’s supposed
to open for hayrides.

And trouble doubles . . .
Once again, June has to put her sleuthing skills to work
and figure out who the real killer is before the new
citizens pack up and move right back out of town.


In addition to the Rafflecopter below comment for a giveaway of a free audio book from the Magical Cures Mystery Series audio series picked by Tonya Kappes. Simply tell us what you like best about Halloween no later than 11:59 pm EDT Sunday, October 9, 2016. Be sure to leave your e-mail address so that I may contact you should you be the lucky person!

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  1. I love seeing the little ones all dressed up. Their costumes are so much nicer than when I was a kid.
    We give non food treats so kids with allergies can enjoy the Halloween. We've been giving finger puppets. The kids seem to really enjoy the change.

  2. Halloween means corn mazes to me. :)

  3. I love seeing what all the kids choose to dress up as, and also it's a perfect excuse to eat chocolate and not feel guilty for cheating on your diet!

  4. I too love to see the little ones in costumes! They are too stinkin' cute!!!

  5. Hi! I love the decorating of my home inside and out. The kids costumes on Halloween. Scary movies during the month of October. 🎃

  6. I love seeing all the costumes - people put a lot of thought in them these days

  7. I like the magical feel to Halloween. The decorations and costumes add to this feeling. Pls I love that the weather gets cooler.

  8. all of it, the fall weather, the decorations, we do a secret spook week (similar to secret santa)and on the last day reveal who we had with a food day celebration and we dress up <3

  9. The weather, the decorations, and the candy of course! :) 2boys4me (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I love to see the kids dressed up, having fun. I love to see the decorations that people come up with, the colors, the cooler weather, this is my time of year.
    momzillasteel at gmail dot com

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  12. I absolutely LOVE seeing all the little kids so excited and in their costumes. It's my favorite part.

  13. I love the little ones all dressed up. When they say thank you, it makes me smile. Thank you for this chance!

  14. Sweater weather as my mom called it, high school football, homecoming, spirit week at my school, bonfires, apples, pumpkins, etc, etc...

  15. Love seeing all the kids costumes!

  16. The thing I like the best about Halloween is to see the little kids all dressed up and so excited to be out trick or treating. It's nice to see them having so much fun.

  17. The thing I like the best about Halloween is to see the little kids all dressed up and so excited to be out trick or treating. It's nice to see them having so much fun.

  18. Costumes and candy!

  19. I love seeing my niece, nephew, and all the neighborhood kids dressed up. Thanks for the giveaways.

  20. i love seeing all the kids dressed up and the neighborhood decorated! sparkle40175AThotmailDOTcom

  21. Congratulations Anonymous:sparkle40175. picked your comment for an audio book!